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Business Strategist & Digital Transformation Leader, Author, Business Mentor, Executive Coach, and Public Speaker

Who I am

My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I am a Business Leader in the corporate world. I have more than two decades of experience in a wide range of disciplines and across various industries and geographies. I am also an AuthorBusiness Mentor, Executive Coach, and a Public Speaker

I am educated as a Mechanical Engineer, an MBA and have a PhD in Management. I have also been part of various leadership, business, and digital transformation programs at reputable business schools such as INSEAD and Berkley Haas.

Today, I work as SVP Chief Digital Officer in a Norwegian company called Nemko. Throughout my career, I have been experiencing various management roles such as marketing, sales, operations, business management, and technical support, through his various roles including Regional Management, Global Technical Director, and Regional Marketing and Sales Management.

Reporting to the CEO as part of the Global Management Team of the company, I work on Digitalization and Digital Transformation of our Business. Designing, implementing, maintaining, and optimizing business processes, and implementing and operating business systems to enable these processes, digitalizing core processes, and digital transformation of our business are my main responsibilities. I am also the project lead designing the Business Strategy of Nemko.

In addition, I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the ideation, design, creation, development, and transformation of their businesses as their business mentor or executive coach. 

For more information about my experience and background, visit my LinkedIn Profile.

How may I be able to help you


  • Are you considering stepping into the entrepreneurship world and wondering whether you should and if yes, which type of business you should start? Or maybe you are already a solo entrepreneur or intrapreneur, thinking about your next venture? I will help you learn how to Ideate, Evaluate and Decide when creating your new business as your side hustle or your main activity.


  • Being new in the world of entrepreneurship or already in business since long, working with me, you can learn new ways to design, or redesign your business model to maximize your desired outcome. New strategies, new operating methods, and technologies give you tremendous opportunities to shape the future of your business as a solo entrepreneur.


  • How do you shape a business? What are the key components of a successful startup or an established business? Which systems and tools, you should choose? What key decisions, you should take? Is the technology you are betting on the right one for you to create a Digitally Enabled Business? Working with me, you will learn how to choose the right solutions and software when creating or transforming your solopreneur business.


  • How do you grow a business? How you move from an idea to a startup? How startups move to become a business? What are the right growth engines in your niche? What did the successful solo entrepreneurs and companies do? What are the roles of Digital Enablers? I will help you learn how to design and implement growth strategies to enhance and expand your business.


  • As your business grows, you depend on more people and systems. Complexity and size bring risks as byproducts of growth. Eventually, you grow to a level where use of systems for Organizing, Marketing, Sales, Production and Service delivery becomes inevitable. I help you learn to automate your business and its processes with efficiency and productivity.


  • As your business grows, you find it necessary to provide additional services. Either to enhance customer experience or to answer to direct demand from your customers. You may also find your existing business capable of generating more income by adding new services on top of the same platform. This is even more so in Digitally Enabled Businesses. Augment your business to create additional verticals and revenue streams.

What else may I be able to help you with?

Business Services

Business Services

Startup Services

Startup Services

Digital Services

Digital Services

Interviews and Speeches

Interview with Som Bathla

Som Bathla is a serial author and an advisor for new as well as experienced authors who want to pursue the self publishing path. I had the opportunity to have this interview with him after publishing the second edition of my book, Build an online business in 24 hours.

Interview with DeDee Cai

DeDee Cai is an entrepreneur and coach from the United States. I had the opportunity to have this interview with her during which we have discussed the important considerations that entrepreneurs should have during good, but also cloudy economic seasons.

Interview with Fran Wilson

Fran Wilson is a self-made online entrepreneur. In my interview with Fran, we covered several topics with focus on growth mindset, the role of continuous learning and development, and their impact on our choices in personal and professional lives.

Interview with Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is a coach who helps leaders to have real impact. He is also a serial entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to join him as a guest in his podcast Choosing Leadership.


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