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Author, Business Coach, Corporate Leader, Public Speaker, PhD Candidate

Who I am

My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I am a Business Leader in the corporate world. I have more than two decades of experience in a wide range of disciplines and across various industries and geographies. I am also an AuthorBusiness Coach, and a Public Speaker

I am educated as a Mechanical Engineer, and as an MBA. I am also a PhD Candidate in Business Management. I have also been part of various leadership, business, and digital transformation programs at reputable business schools such as INSEAD and Berkley Haas.

Today, I work as Global Technology Director in a Norwegian company called DNV. Throughout my career, I have been experiencing various management roles such as marketing, sales, operations, business management, and technical support, through his various roles including Regional Management, Global Technical Director, and Regional Marketing and Sales Management.

Reporting to the CEO as part of the Executive Leadership Team of the company, I oversee areas such as Business Processes and Systems from one side, and Quality, Governance, and Compliance from the other. Designing, implementing, maintaining, and optimizing business processes, and implementing and operating business systems to enable these processes, is my and my team's main responsibility.

In addition, design, implementation, and optimization of service lifecycle management processes, including creation of new services, design and operation of service delivery protocols, and the governance and quality assurance of the service delivery process, is another part of my responsibility.

I also oversees the overall corporate governance and compliance processes for the division, covering areas such as quality assurance, enterprise risk management, information security, data privacy and personal data protection, and compliance.

I am also involved in areas such as Technology Application, Software Solutions, and Digital Transformation in the company.

I have also been member of the project team designing the Business Strategy of DNV Group for 2021-2025 period.

For more information about my experience and background, visit my LinkedIn Profile.


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